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est. 2008


Tom McRae


Embedding is disabled on this beautiful Tom McRae performance but it’s stunning. A haunting song. A “stay-here-in-fear-and-die-or-run-in-fear-and-live” kind of song. I like it.

“Change the locks on the door.
Put out the light in the hall.
I do not live here anymore

Put the world in a box.
Turn the sign to the street.
Aim for where horizon and blue skies, meet

But all I know is
I’m not ready yet
For the light to dim
Got a suitcase, got regrets
But I’m hopeful yet

I’ve been a gifted thief
Stole everything for the cause
I never had fingers as light as yours

So wake up pretty girl
See the hope in small things
Disappointment can wear you thin

But all I know is
I’m not ready yet
For the light to dim
Got a suitcase, got regrets
But I’m hopeful yetAnd I’ll raise this glass of wine
And I’ll say your name…

So let’s be killers babe
Make the great escape 
From all the bitter words 
Of every crowded street and empty heart
It’s Christmas Day, Brooklyn in the rain
But I am safe inside a better world of hope and memory
Drunk on velvet wine, southern cross for light
Deal your cards and hope that I can play a better hand this time”
~Got a Suitcase, Got Regrets
Tom McRae

I haven’t made the best choices. Haven’t made the worst ones, either. I’ve hurt the right people sometimes, and put the wrong ones on pedestals, more times than I care to share on both regards. I’ve also loved harder than I ever thought I could, or would dare to.

When it came down to it, the suitcases were easier to carry alone than the regrets. Sharing the past with someone makes nostalgia that much less lonely. But, like the suitcases, it takes a little more time to unpack when alone.


Hear this on WBER all the time, gorgeous.

Tom McRae – Please

Seriously, go listen to it. It’s a beautiful recording but it sounds pretty good in the live link above.

Fireworks through the trees, city turns away from me
my hand raised to say goodbye, goodbye my love.
Wheels roll to the light, sleep kills fevered night
and it’s easier now, it’s easier now you’re gone.

Shadow rise, shadow fall, deaf to siren call
a year has died, a year since I said your name.
Burning in the blue, light comes low and cool
and like your love there’s no heat in this winter sun.

So please let my heart go.

Walk the world side to side, place where hidden memories lie
and I buried you there along with your history.
Give me sun you give me shade and seven years of hurricanes
but now my love I’m sundialling my days away.

So please let my heart go. Cos I don’t care no more.
Tom McRae, The Alphabet of Hurricanes

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