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“I’m not confident about a lot of other aspects of my life, but I know how to write a song.”
-Taylor Swift to Chuck Klosterman, GQ October 2015

Yes, she really fucking does. I love most of them. Heard Tim McGraw on the radio today, even. So pretty! This is worth reading, as a story of an artist, who is also the most famous there is right now, more or less.


“What the really great artists do is they’re entirely themselves. They’re entirely themselves, they’ve got their own vision, they have their own way of fracturing reality, and if it’s authentic and true, you will feel it in your nerve endings.”
― David Foster Wallace


“It will be only a matter of time – months rather than years – before the music business establishment completely folds. (It will be) no great loss to the world.”

-Thom Yorke

He’s pretty correct. No need for labels, no need for record deals. Just make music and spread it, let everyone appreciate whatever speaks to them.


At Desert Sessions, you play for the sake of music. That’s why it’s good for musicians. If someday that’s not enough anymore, or that’s not the reason behind you doing it–that’s not your raison d’etre–then a quick reminder like Desert Sessions can do so much for you, it’s amazing. It’s easy to forget that this all starts from playing in your garage and loving it. – Josh Homme

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