It’s been more than a year since I last updated this blog. I’d kept it up on a fairly regular basis for nearly 10 years until I decided I needed to put writing about music aside to better focus on my “day job” (as a reporter, it’s really more of a daytime, evening, middle-of-the-night-panic-attacks kind of existence). It wasn’t so much that this outlet distracted me, but that I could only write so many words in one week and wanted to sharpen my focus elsewhere.

I’m as surprised as anyone to be returning, but I’m posting a quick update today to anyone who may come across this to introduce a different kind of musical exploration: an Instagram account! It sounds silly, but I thoroughly enjoy making little cover videos on my phone, and thought it would be a good place to share them. A creative outlet is good for the mind, body and soul, and music feels so good in so many ways.

Much has happened in the past year that I could have written about through a musical lens — 2019 is already a great year for music and I would estimate I listen to about seven to 10 hours of music a day lately, just to keep me company (for more on that particular phenomenon see: Maren Morris — “A Song for Everything”). I’ve been playing a bit more, too, which is a great way to think deep about songwriting from a content-and-structure standpoint. Disclaimer: I’m not a great singer and a pretty basic guitar player. I don’t pretend to be more than that, but I really do love it. May as well enjoy it!

Thanks for checking in, and enjoy the Instagram, the next iteration in this journey of learning love songs and all the ephemeral significance they can provide.