One of my favorite “surprise” albums of this year is Mac Demarco’s This Old Dog. His voice has a weariness and wisdom that goes beyond his 26 years, and his sort of laid-back style feels rooted in 70s California rock songwriting. I loved hearing about his influences when he sat down with Marc Maron for WTF last month. Something about this album just chills me out and centers me — maybe it’s the way it feels slow-paced and reflective, maybe it’s Demarco’s high-voiced rasp. His sound is largely inoffensive (could fall under that amorphous umbrella of yacht rock) but not at the expense of grooves and layers. A track like “One More Love Song” emphasizes his ability to lead a band with a great piano line, while “Dreams from Yesterday” has something of an island vibe.

I find his whole style/vibe/skill reassuring, as if amidst pop chaos there can be breakthrough young talents with fundamental technique and truth to share. Looking forward to his further development, and digging deeper into his past work, too.

“Oh no,
Looks like
I’m seeing more of of my old man in me,”
~My Old Man
Mac Demarco, This Old Dog