When I think of Frightened Rabbit, I think of senior year of college, hanging out with roommates by our fire pit or up alone in my bedroom wondering what in the hell my future was going to look like. They’re one of the those bands that I distinctly associate with a time and place, rather than one that’s followed me through the years (a la Jimmy Eat World or The Wonder Years) as I kind of lost track of their work after “The Midnight Organ Fight.” But I loved its panic, its sultry inferences, and its slightly exotic vocals.

FR’s newest, Painting of a Panic Attack, has served as a pleasant reintroduction to hte band. The standout track for me is “An Otherwise Disappointing Life.” It has a more traditional hook, and a catchy chord progression. But there’s still a moodiness, and a desperate propulsion, that encapsulates what it’s like to feel frantic, doubtful and still somehow full of love. The whole album is worth a listen, but this song is among the most catchy and memorable.

“I have a long list of tepid disappointments
It doesn’t mention you
And if I’m honest your name could be upon it
If this didn’t feel so good

In an otherwise disappointing life made right
On an otherwise disappointing night there’s a fire
I don’t need water I just want to wave goodbye, goodbye
To an otherwise disappointing life”

~An Otherwise Disappointing Life

Frightened Rabbit, Painting of a Panic Attack