It’s that time of year again, when music publications awash readers with lists of their favorite songs/albums/artists/tours, in various quantities with various qualifications. This year, regardless of genre and audience, I think you’re sure to see a ton of Angel Olsen — already, she was the top album pick from the acclaimed American Songwriter.

While I’m still mulling over where my personal top favorites are going to land, I am confident “My Woman” will be somewhere in the mix — it’s too bold and beautiful of an album to disregard. From the first moments I heard “Intern” as a single, I knew it was time to start paying closer attention to the work of this amazing, authentic artist. After the album dropped, I was floored, not only by her intimate and raw lyricism but her guitar prowess (see the solo in the above “Sister”) and on-point style (like “Shut Up Kiss Me” and “Those Were the Days,” the kind of songs that sound timeless while rooted in Olsen’s own expression). The album, overall, is very cohesive, and a solid listen to put on all the way through, the kind of record you’d put on a party and have someone pipe up and say “Who’s this?”

In a year where women and feminists spoke up louder than ever about the need for equality, the honest rock of “My Woman” feels like an arrival of sorts. I hope to see critics-at-large give Olsen her due.


“All my life I thought I’d change…”

Angel Olsen, My Woman