Finally got around to listening to the newest record from Ingrid Michaelson, and I have to say she’s done it again. Her songwriting appears to flow so effortlessly, and she embraces conflicting, dangerous emotions with as much fervor and passion as the good ones. Her work has always had a vulnerability to it but this record has so much spine and I find it very inspiring, as well as atmospheric in sort of an 80s-chic way. While her past piano-driven work shined in its solo moments, on “It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense” she plays with texture and layers and flow in ways that feel really natural and mature. The emotional impact is more subtle, and so are the sounds, but the heart is just as strong, pure and authentic.

This song in particular is full of hope, but it’s hardly a celebration — it’s more like an anthem, something to sing while marching through mud to the final destination, not knowing what battles or beauty it may hold.

“I said ‘We’ve walked this way before
Now we know more,’
So raise a cup
I said ‘Let’s rule this kingdom now
Let’s live and love and tear it down
To build it up’
There’s a whole lot of heart in me
I feel it under my skin
And I know and I know and I know,
There’s a whole lot of heart in me
It takes a whole lot of heart to see
Everything’s coming down roses,
And I know and I know and I know
There’s a whole lot of heart in me.”
~Whole Lot of Heart
Ingrid Michaelson, It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense