New band find alert!

I’ve seen references to You Me At Six more times than I can count on music sites, forums and tour line-ups but I never took the time to dive into their discography until tonight, with a new song they had released that was on the Spotify new release list last week, which was a fantastically melodic pop punk rock tune with plenty of lead vocal prowess and hook-oriented mentality. My ears immediately perked, and so I started clicking through their old songs, and voila, I found this song “Living a Lie” that has the most soaring chorus and do-it-or-die attitude — plus, marching drum beats.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for this new record, but it’s always interesting to become a fan of a pop punk/pop rock type of band later in their career. Their die-hard fans are often displeased with the new work, because it’s either too much of a departure or lacking the magic of the earlier releases, but as a newer fan, you can find a lot to get jazzed about because you don’t have these prior notions. I definitely feel that way about The Maine, who have legions of fans but didn’t cross my path until “American Candy,” which I think is a masterful little record. You Me At Six kind of reminds of them, in a way, it’s that pop punk with an emphasis on the “pop” as far as song structure, but with the bones of a rock band as far musicians playing real instruments, guitar solos, pedals and all that fun stuff.  It’s a sound that I’ve really come around to, finding it can fit many moods from the slightly bored and uninspired, to happy-go-lucky, when you just need something with a little bit of backbone to sing.

“Well somebody told me
That I would be a dreamer for life
Somebody told me I would never reach the other side
Well you say I’m old news, but cross your fingers
I’m yours to lose.
What if I told you, that things will never improve
And if I lived a lie
Would someone meet me on the other side
So I can burn up bright?
The grass is always greener,
Someone else’s past is always cleaner,
But I’m a believer, that there’s a fool in all of us
And if I lived a lie
Would someone meet me on the other side
So I can burn up bright?”
~Living a Lie
You Me At Six, Cavalier Youth