One of my favorite bands of 2016 has been Pinegrove, hands down one 0f the most original rock acts to come forward this year. Got to talking about them with an old friend today who recently discovered them and shared this great live acoustic recording, which I think captures the essence of their emotional, thoughtful lyrics and folk-rock  roots. As much as this band is an indie rock darling and can be aligned with more aggressive pop-punk acts, the stripped down, laid bare setting of the Schuylkill Sessions shows spine of Pinegrove’s music, and how truthful and touching they really are.

“Is there anyone here i know?
I look around the room, whatever, I let it go
Steve’s in germany
that’s it
I try to think of anyone else no, yea that’s it
so I resolve to make new friends
I liked my old ones but I fucked up so I’ll start again
What’s the worst that could happen?”
~New Friends
Pinegrove, Cardinal