Head North became one of my favorite rock band discoveries last year when I came across their album “Bloodlines” that had some dark, proggy stuff going on topped off with scratchy, mysterious vocals and lyrics. Chock full of potential, especially in those breakdowns. Definitely a band for the edgier days, with plenty of feeling, flow and force to spare. The split with Microwave is worth a listen too, if weighty pensive rock is your thing (it is so often mine).

Today I found their latest single and it is honest-to-goodness one of the most interesting pieces of music I’ve heard from a rock band all year — they give you this groovy, depressing, hook-filled song about God and trends and culture, then turn the whole thing on its head. It’s very different than their last record, to be sure, but quite realized. There’s something somewhat 90s alt rock stoner band about the melody and the echo-y background vocals/effects, sort of like Travis and Remy Zero, though it also reminded me of U2’s “How To Dismantle…” era — something culturally aware and cynically shrewd in a very listenable package, at least for the first two minutes. Then you get 50 seconds of spacey noise, where you just kind of drift…and drift…and it’s beautiful,and weird, and what the hell happened to that hook?! Such an interesting, surprising choice. I think I really like the new direction. I checked out the video and it’s full of choreography, which only endears me further. Note to all bands: hire more dancers!

Awaiting more with baited breath.

“I am gonna be the man who brings back God like a wristwatch…
Slowly, slowly.”
~God (Bring it Back)
Head North, The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World