For all the reasons there are to love to hate the internet, the boundless capacity to connect with others over shared interests and experiences is an immeasurable gift (albeit responsibility) to our era. Whenever else in history and time could beings find others so easily from across the globe who share the same interests, thoughts and perspectives, and within seconds learn their story?

This wonder overtook me earlier this summer when I received a lovely message on Twitter from Andrea Caccese, a musician in New York City. He had found this humble blog o’mine and wanted me to review his songs. Would I!? After settling into my new domain and getting in a semblance of a routine balanced with my other writing efforts and responsibilities, I’ve given Andrea’s work as Nowhere a listen, and I have to say his work is as beautiful, peaceful and pondering as the moniker suggests.

Caccese cites his influences for Nowhere as Elliott Smith, Nick Drake and Bon Iver, and his songs evoke the same kind of sad, pondering softness present in all three. His voice is the most striking part for listeners, a raspy near-whisper that float above gentle acoustic strumming and echoing delays and production effects. Both of the two songs on his self-released EP are uncluttered and spacious, giving plenty of room for the intimate narratives to take center stage.

“Follow” is a sweeping kind of song, and “Gone,” with a faster rhythm and additional harmonies, has a bit more propulsion behind it. Together, they show off Caccese’s unique and memorable voice, as well as his gift for thoughtful phrases.

In his own words:
“Nowhere embraces a sparse and intimate concoction of folk fragility, punk rock immediacy and shoegaze textures, as personal lyricism unfolds through understated acoustic melodies and haunting atmospheres.”
Find out more about Andrea Caccese at @nowheresongs!