“Forget my pain,
Forget my name,
I’ve told you time and time again.
That when you break down,
I break down.”
~Break Down
This Wild Life, Low Tides

This one’s a heartbreaker.

“Break Down,” the new single from This Wild Life, and this live performance is my favorite new song to play over and over again. It is sad and slow and honest, layered and beautiful with guitars and strings and subtle trombone. Not only is Kevin Jordan’s voice as emotive as ever (that falsetto is still spot-on), but his words describe a worn-down but won’t-quit kind of relationship, the kind of symbiotic sadness that comes from a entanglement that’s too real to leave but too complicated to prosper. That hook. That title. It’s so simple but so honest, putting into just a few words all the mess of feeling that comes with loving someone more than you ever loved yourself.

I love how this track uses the horns and cello to augment the guitars –they add this subtle softness and warmth that fill out the song really well. TWL excel in this kind of song, even though Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso, I understand, are both originally drummers. The lack of rhythm doesn’t bother me here, and neither does the lack of a resolving final note. Instead you just end up with this really flowing, silky song.

The other single they’ve put out from the forthcoming “Low Tides” called “Pull Me Out” is in the same sad vein, and but has a little bit more of a rhythm guitar part to it and feels a little more structured. It has a delay-heavy guitar solo, and stronger, more obvious harmonies that reminds me more of what we heard on “Clouded.” I am quite fond of that album and it is always good for a thoughtful little listen, but it sounds like what they’re coming up with for their next release builds on its strengths: unique, layered instrumentation, weighty choruses and heartsick sentiments.