“I’m learning now
that my heart isn’t breaking down
It’s my world.
So I’ll take another look at my life
and give everything I own
to all the people in my heart.
I am free.”
~A Space to Grow
The Dangerous Summer, Reach for the Sun

Everytime I press play on a TDS song from “Reach for the Sun” or its fantastically powerful acoustic counterpart, it feels like curling up on a mother’s bed, some place warm and comfortable and familiar and accepting of your vulnerability. I’m forever sad we won’t hear new music from them anymore but their records hold up beautifully — these are songs about learning who you are, learning where you’re meant to be, they dive so deep into self-awareness it’s almost startling if you’re not ready for it or don’t want to go there that day. But if you do want to go there, if your head is in that mode of wanting to search and discover and validate, these songs are anthems for the journey.