“the hungry fools
who rule the world
can’t catch us
surely they can’t ruin everything.”

Can’t say enough about case/lang/veirs putting out this amazing album this summer. It’s definitely a summer album, too, full of space and air, humid highs and breezy lows. There’s a depth and sincerity of soul here from some of the most accomplished songwriters of modern folk and rock — and OK, I am really enticed by all the lady power. I love this album from front to back, and it’s landed on my best-of-2016 list already, where I think it will remain. The guitar and string parts on this album are strong and varied, the harmonies are rich and balanced. It is some of the most beautifully composed music I have heard all year. The love runs deep.

Sad to say I missed them playing at the Greek Theatre earlier this summer, and now I’m crossing my fingers for another LA gig soon. Because as good as these songs sound on speakers, something tells me they’ll be absolutely magical in person.

While I’ve had this album on pretty consistent rotation for the past couple weeks, it’s “I Want To Be Here” that has stilled me the most today. I love what it expresses — that presence of mind you get from the present, how you can lose yourself in a moment to protect yourself from the world at large and all its evils and pressure and stereotypes. To me, this song is an anthem for what it means to live an authentic life as your authentic self — a tall order, in this digital age, that is sure to only get harder, for both the younger generations who are growing up indoctrinated by the pressures of a connected life, or for the older/more mature among us, who must tap into something human, raw and greater than ourselves to make this world as beautiful and safe and peaceful for all as we wish it to be.

“I just want
I wanna be here with you
Not bracing for what comes next
I’ve got some new words
I can see sideways
If there’s a limit
It hasn’t found me yet.”
~I Want To Be Here
case/lang/viers, case/lang/veirs