There’s a song I come back to time and time again, a song from many years ago that remains as beautiful on the thousandth listen as it was on the first. It’s from a band called The New Frontiers who only put out one full-length LP called “Mending” and it was one of my favorite albums in my early 20s for its lush, soothing indie rock and inspiration, spiritual themes.

I consider The New Frontiers part of that matured-past-emo wave shepherded along with the likes of Copeland and others at The Militia Group, creating a sound that stands the test of time through its patient, haunting tempos and intricacies. “Mending” is the sort of record you listen to wind down. It’s meant for the quiet aftermath when it’s time to collect your thoughts, and though it has some faster-tempo tracks with an Americana rock flavor (“Black Lungs,” “Man Down”), it’s the sweeping, serene ballads that have stood out to me all these years and stick in my mind.

The closing track, called “Who Will Give Us Love,” comes back to me time and time again. Each time our nation suffers a tragedy, each time I hear “thoughts and prayers” muttered from on high, I get this song echoing through my head, a sermon to make sense of the chaos. It’s obvious religious references are likely behind this — how many indie rock songs mention Jesus? — but it’s the sentiment behind that mention that gets me. Here is a song that is hoping for a better world, looking to the past for examples. Here is a song that wonders how our broken world can heal, and it does so with a calm, slow-build climax. A resonating organ, floating harmonies and accenting horns round out the final overture, all heart and hope until it fades away.

It’s interesting this song seems to be inspired by the state of the world eight years ago as a prayerful nod to all its suffering, and that it still rings so true.

“In the end great wars will come,
We won’t make peace with anyone,
Who will give us love?
Every father and every son,
Every nation,
Every tongue,
Who will give us love?
Who will give us love?”
~Who Will Give Us Love
The New Frontiers, Mending