There’s a song off the latest Hey Marseilles album that’s been floating around in my head for awhile, probably for about six weeks, ever since I first heard it in a rather serendipitous Spotify browsing session. The song is called “West Coast,” and I heard it the first day I woke up in my new home in California.

So maybe part of me will always love this song, because I hear it now and I am flooded with the memories of feeling free, flushed and happy, feeling so enamored and invigorated by new surroundings. As a piece of indie folk rock in 2016, it’s a great lead single from a band whose is reliably heartfelt and musically interesting.

Their most recent album — a self-titled release — has a few hints of electropop but still spotlights their chamber-pop strings: here we have cellos and violins and mandolins and perhaps some slightly Eastern-sounding instrument that I can’t quite name. It’s a really lovely little listen, calming and soothing and good for pondering. The album is at its best when tempos stay in a slow to mid range, bringing a sense of patience that is somewhat out of style in an era of frenzied, over-produced radio tracks or sprawling hipster noise rock.

Opening track “Eyes on You” is a fun take on the same old dance, it’s a song with a lot sections and rhythms. I like the way it resists its own momentum, the way the rhythm drops out in the bridge before the entry of a melodic and flowing piano. Their cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” (my favorite Bowie song, as it were) is a techy take and plays around with the solos in an interesting fashion, though it’s singer Matt Bishop’s yearning drawl that gives the track a spine. But it’s “West Coast” that I can’t quite shake, a song that travels from coast to coast and still explores, a song that’s about living in the moment while gazing at the future in the horizon. It’s a beautiful song, and I’m grateful I have reason to remember it.

“Meet me on the west coast,
with the salt air, breathe slow.
Go out to the unknown,
we’ll make it our own.¬†
Meet me on the west coast.”¬†
~West Coast
Hey Marseilles, Hey Marseilles