How many unexpected things can happen in a day, a month, a year? Many, if you’re open to whatever the world throws you and leave your expectations at the bottom of the murkiest of oceans that is your own self-involved psyche….which leads me to the AMAZING news of the first song from The Starting Line in eight years!

I’m so happy. I love this band. Always have! I still play “Up and Go” and “Hello Houston” on a regular basis (UTG referred to their releases as within the “golden era of Drive-Thru” and I’d have to agree). Now I find myself loving this song’s chord progressions, lead guitar parts and references to waiting and words and watching reality unfold.

I had no idea TSL was still a band – let alone recording, let alone with Will Yip – and perhaps there was news about this that I missed, but at the moment I’m just going to let this just-under three minute track encapsulate my ears for the rest of the workday.

I hate to be cliche, but this year Christmas came early.

“I assumed that I could do no harm 
until I started to lose my charm 
I gotta go and put it all away
but i can’t help to think about it almost every day
I was anxious right before your eyes
but i was sure to always wear my smile 

I know we’ve overcome a lot of pain 
cause it’s so hard to be human in so many ways 
overcome most my life
i should be swallowing all my pride

I’ve had a lifetime to wait
such a magnificent drain on all my energy 
I want another word, awake
until the right words fall into place anyway
The Starting Line, Anyways