I am loving this track today. As if I needed more albums to be excited about, with The Wonder Years coming out tomorrow and Foxing and Deafheaven still on my to-hear list, I learn Pentimento has a new LP coming out this October, and from the sound of the single, it is exactly the kind of gear-up pop-punk that’s perfect for a meandering afternoon during a moderately boring day.

The opening chords and first verse of “Sink or Swim” feel very early Starting Line to me. The harmonies at the end do, too. But I felt like this offered more than your standard pop-punk track about halfway through, at the change-up  in pace and melody at the end of the second verse on the “devil you don’t” line, which is a brilliant little variation on a theme. I’m looking forward to checking the Buffalo-based group when they come through town on their headlining tour. I’m looking for something to sink into.

Time to walk around with headphones, and wait for the leaves to change.

“so do I sink or swim 
drowning in the waters 
and could’ve beens
I’m not good enough for myself
let alone anyone else
that’s just the way it is, yeah

so I just waste away
and worry about everything I cannot change.
~Sink or Swim 
Pentimento, I, No Longer