“They caught me as I placed her down in New York City streets.
Love roared as they pulled me back 
and tears fell from her cheeks and she said, 
‘When you let go, where will I be?’ 
and I broke down and said 
‘Love is shackles, you’ll be free.’
~The Path
Head North, Bloodlines

So into the latest Head North record, and their corresponding EPs. What a great band, who also hail from upstate New York. Their sound is that deep and resonant pop punk that is kind of all the rage, but their songs all have a really intimate and cutthroat quality, not shying away from the power of a good build-up and shouted words. Reminds me of Manchester Orchestra in that sense, but a little less dark and a little more bright. They rely heavily on melody without ignoring riff and fill potential, allowing some of the most bold and rage-fueled lines to take centerstage. I am glad to remember them on this beautiful summer morning; it’s the perfect soundtrack for tossing my hair up, grabbing some coffee and getting on with it.