“I swear I’ll never let you down again.”

Is there anything – anything – better than the solace of an incredible new song from an incredible band about to put forth an incredible new album? I am still so in awe of “The Greatest Generation” that I was holding my breath a little bit on what we might hear from The Wonder Years this year, but after hearing “Cardinals” I feel this will be amazing, when Dan Campbell continues to write such phenomenal words and pull out these devastating truths (“We’re no saviors/If we can’t save our brothers”) and the band supplies such layered melodies and frenzied rhythms. I stayed at work an hour later than usual, because I didn’t want to be without it on the drive home and haven’t bought the pre-order yet. The hook is so good, and so telling of what this band can do. Can’t get over the drum part in the chorus, it’s too tricky for me to count but I love how it ascends, and then the gang vocals at the close, something of a trademark for this six-piece-plus, tie the whole thing together. Putting out a single this soon makes me think there will be another one or two before the album drops in September – or at least, that’s what I can hope for, because new songs and new sounds and new feelings are all that I can hope for on the horizon, even better when they’re grown from the same favorite spots I always founds them.