“Didn’t I tell you that I could hear you running out?
Didn’t I find you when I knew you were hiding out?
Didn’t I see you when you thought you’d never stand out?
Didn’t I find you?”

~When You Thought You’d Never Stand Out
Copeland, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Probably one of Copeland’s best uses of the string section, little trills and arpeggios opening up early on before diving into a full-on orchestral fall. Something about this song is eternally stunning and stilling. The piano helps. So do the carefully woven vocal parts. Though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the return of Copeland via “Ixora,” and while I’m deeply sorry their tour won’t be possible for me to see this summer, I find myself very much soothed and invigorated by their past catalog, today and forever after, as ever I was.

Some songs don’t get old. They don’t get tired. They just reveal themselves, new again, and deeper than before, steeped in warm memories but fresh again in the light of the still-cold present.