Think I found my first jawdrop discovery in awhile when I clicked upon Hidden Hospitals today

What the hell is this! Jesus. Thank you. Pre-order on its way. 
Prog-driven and artfully heavy, their debut LP “Surface Tension” gripped me instantly with its precise rhythms, heavy drops, mini-breakdowns and soothing, smooth harmonies. It is a dark album, full of warm reverb and cold regret, but the often airy-driven vocals keep the overall sound from being too harsh, highlighting the eclectic rhythm choices underneath. Some of these lyrics and hooks and choruses are spot-on heartbreaking and equally loud, like on “Wounded Sirens,” but I hear so much more than emphatic noise. Hidden Hospitals displays restraint, but not too much to quell their angst and drive and I like it. 
Something about it reminds me of a lighter Mt.Helium,and a heavier MuteMath. I vaguely remember hearing about Damiera, the band some of these guys used to play in. I think they were well-regarded? Whatever they did, they’re doing something awesome now. I love the straightforward above-the-scene sound here. I love how interesting – SO interesting – their guitar parts are.Vocally, I am kind of amazed at the delicacy followed up with power, and the careful melody choices. 
I didn’t have plans this Friday. Now I do – listen to this, learn this, feel this, understand this, because records like this don’t come along every day and after all, music is the best distraction. 
“I could only get out of the way of it once, listening, 
learned to stop breaking locks sweep it under the rug 
listening, listening.”
Hidden Hospitals, Surface Tension