In nearly seven years of running this humble home for my words and thoughts related to songs, albums, artists and creativity, something happened this weekend that never before occurred.

I lost a post.

I had about 600 words on the beautiful new Punch Brothers album, and I didn’t press publish, it didn’t save, and I lost it. Then I lost it, or wanted to anyway, because I worked hard on that and I like sharing my thoughts, especially when I actually review something that might give someone a new recommendation or context for listening. But in spirit of “The Phosphorescent Blues,” which is my favorite kind of bluegrass, part elevated folk and part chamber music, I will not dwell on what I no longer have, I will not lose a minute of this present. I’m so struck by this album’s maturity, and so soothed by its shadows and shimmers, that it might prove to be the perfect accompaniment for moving onward in spite of any stumbling blocks – which is, after all, what progress is all about, isn’t it?

For the sake of review, some bulletpoint thoughts:

  • Chris Thile, virtuoso;
  • T.Bone Burnett, wizard;
  • “Familiarity,” never heard a Track 1 like this before;
  • Mortality, a worthy theme.

“My oh my, what a wonderful day
We’re having, we’re having,
Why, oh why, are we looking for a way
Outside it, outside it?

How long, oh Lord, can you keep the whole world
Spinning under our thumbs?”

~My Oh My
Punch Brothers, The Phosporescent Blues