“I took a trip down south and felt the sun on my face,
and it made things OK for a second.

I drew a picture of my problems when I was going insane.
And I focused on the currents.
It’s the funny thing about it,
I never seem to worry that every single current’s not the same.
It’s all about position, and where I choose to lay.
And God, I am going away.”

I heard this song for the first time in awhile today, a surprise find on a borrowed iPod. I heard this song with fresh ears today, and it meant all the same that it used to, filtered through a new lens. I think this was one of the first TDS songs I really *heard*, sometime while living in the Finger Lakes racking my brain over how to do better at my job and not fuck up relationships.  That was four years ago. Some things, they don’t change – like the constant drive for self-exploration and development AJ Perdomo captures so well. This album, I think, is certainly his best. From the time I first heard it, I remember loving the drama in his voice, the slow-climb guitar parts and the intensity of the minor chords. This song in particular is a lesson in how to build tension with tight patterns and throw grenades in a bridge, a step one example of the kind of pop punk/alt rock made all the brighter and better by its intelligence, thoughtfulness and dig-deep awareness. This song was a good one to hear today, offering comfort to a wild, raging heart and a line of scripture for a tired head, making things OK for a second. 

“Would you believe in my songs
if I gave them all to you?

I can find the strength in my voice
to call you back and say that everything is bad without you
and I’m lost again, oh God believe I’m lost again.”

The Dangerous Summer, Reach for the Sun