I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – oftentimes, the most touching songs are the stripped-down ones, those that avoid anything but the truth. If that means repeated verses, repeated choruses, so be it. The best often bears repeating. This beautiful duet, acoustic and piano-trimmed, joins two delicate voices together with vulnerability, a pretty little sad scene in a familiar sad key with a simple melody. I heard it on Pandora tonight, and thought it was perfect.

“I watched you sleepin quietly in my bed
You don’t know this now but
There’s some things that need to be said,
And it’s all that I can hear,
It’s more than I can bear.

What if I fall and hurt myself
Would you know how to fix me?
What if I went and lost myself,
Would you know where to find me?
If forgot who I am
Would you please remind me?
Oh, cause without you things go hazy

~Hazy, The Drifter and the Gypsy
Rosi Golan, ft. William Fitzimmons,