It’s been awhile since I thought out a playlist, but I felt particularly compelled to create this one. I present: TBS Slow Jams, a pretty excellent collection of Taking Back Sunday at their most delicate, or at least destroyed enough to the point of slowed tempos. This selection is complete with deluxe, anniversary and re-issue tracks that bring out the best in some old favorites. It is designed to break your heart. I am going to listen to this for hours.

“You always come close but this never comes easy
I still know everything.”

~Great Romances of the 20th Century, Taking Back Sunday (Deluxe Version)

“This is all I ever asked from you
The only thing you couldn’t do.”

~This is All Now, Taking Back Sunday 

“I can’t say I blame you but I wish that I could
I’m sick of writing every song about you.”

~Head Club, TAYF10 acoustic

“Something real, make it timeless,
An act of God and nothing less will be accepted.
Now if you’re calling me out,
Then count me out.”

~Divine Internvetion, Louder Now

“Hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens
A thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins.”

~Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team) acoustic, Tell all Your Friends Re-Issue

“Well cross my heart and hope to…
I’m lying just to keep you here
So reckless, so thoughtless
So careless, I could care less.”

~…Slowdance on the Inside, Notes from the Past

“And I dare you to forget the marks you left across my neck
from those nights when we were both found at our best.”

~Your Own Disaster 04, Notes from the Past

“We spoke all night in a language only we could know.”
~It Takes More, Happiness Is

“And all I need to know
Is that I’m something you’ll be missing.
Maybe I should hate you for this
Never really did ever quite get that far.

~You’re So Last Summer, TAYF10 acoustic

“Well I don’t know where you’re going
but I know where you’ve been.
I’ve been tracing all your footsteps,
I’ve been counting all your sins.”

~Call Me in the Morning, Taking Back Sunday

“And when that push comes to a shove
We’ve got a headfirst kind of love.”

~All the Way, Happiness Is

“And I’m not so sure
if I’m sure of anything anymore.”

~The Blue Channel, TAYF10 acoustic

“I wanna hate you so bad, but I can’t,
I can’t stop this anymore than you can.”

~Bike Scene, TAYF10 acoustic

“Just ask the question come untie the knot
Say you won’t care, say you won’t care
Retrace the steps as if we forgot
Say you won’t care, say you won’t care
Try to avoid it but there’s not a doubt
And there’s one thing I can do nothing about”

~New American Classic, Where You Want To Be

“I get what I want until I want nothing at all
Until I want nothing at all.”

~Nothing at all, Happiness Is