The prospect of new Brand New material getting release sometime in the relatively near future has me knee-deep in their discography. We’re talking front-to-back Deja listens, in-depth attention to Daisy’s themes, outright speaker-blasting of The Devil and God, and wistful rewinds with Your Favorite Weapon.

What a catalog. What a band.They never get old, no matter how many times I listen. Any time I think I *might* be growing out of the music of my past, that I might not need to re-hear these songs, they come by and interrupt, reset me back to where I was. I remember how clearly I first heard those parts, I remember hearing angst in Jesse Lacey’s voice unlike any singer I’d ever heard and feeling so drawn to it, so in sync.

Hard to believe it was 10 years ago I first heard this particular song, strange to understand how much I’ve grown since then, and a little disconcerting to recognize how much can feel the same after so much time.

Brand New For Life.

“Up the stairs, 

the station where 
the act becomes
the art of growing up.”
~Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fade
Brand New, Deja Entendu