Don’t know if I have the right words for this one – Tori Amos music, this song in general, but this past weekend I heard “Gold Dust,” a recent album where she re-did a bunch of songs, set with orchestra parts. It was beautiful. I went to YouTube and while I didn’t find the exact version of “Cloud on my Tongue,” a longtime favorite song, I found a live version.

You might say that it was a good surprise. I loved listening to this, even out of terrible laptop speakers it was gorgeous and dynamic (and yes, the laptop speakers are extremely terrible and I try to never listen to music on them, but sometimes it’s the only thing around). Truly she is the kind of artist where if you don’t get her, you don’t get her and you won’t see what’s so marvelous about her songwriting. What she does with lyrics is one thing – one that is very hard to decode but overflors with feel and imagery – but what she does with counterpoint  and layering and tempo – just musically – is another. Before the first chorus, those violin trills, and the build under the “circles” part? Absolute chills, and I could not imagine a more beautiful way to re-hear one of my all-time favorite songs.

And good lord Tori Amos is talented, just a master of what she does, the complete owner of her sound and her work and her art. The idea of coming back to a song many years after the album was made and re-setting it with a freakin’ Belgian symphony behind you? And having it be this beautiful? You can’t pull that off. I can’t pull that off that. Eighty percent of artists whose name you know and music you buy easily could not pull it off, They’d succumb to early burn out or never getting the opportunity because they just didn’t know how to do what they do this well.

Lots of people can be artists every now again, it is an entirely different type of human who manages to embody it, live it, be fueled by it.

“Thought I was over the bridge now.” 
~Cloud on my Tongue
Tori Amos, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgiumw/ the Metropole Orkest