I am sorry to say I haven’t heard the latest LP from The Dangerous Summer yet. I’ve read about it, I’ve heard a couple singles, and I don’t know if I’ve just been distracted by other groups newer to my ears, but what I heard just hadn’t really *clicked* with me yet. After I heard “Catholic Girls” and “Sins” I didn’t really feel a need to hear them again, but at the same time, I really love AJ Perdomo’s work and the band’s overall sound.

So today, the “Sins” video was released, and I gave it a watch and a listen, and I think the pieces finally clicked. What I thought was a disjointed structure is actually a rather disguised weaving of verses and choruses – you’ll catch this at the very end. His vocals take on the shrillness and urgency we’ve heard before, but it’s more aggressive this time, and the lead guitars resonate over velvet-heavy drums and rhythm parts, adding a lightness.

 The whole song almost feels like a bunch of tension without a release, and I think that’s why it was uncomfortable for me at first, but I realized then that’s what the song is about. The execution mirrors the story. Looking forward to hearing the full record when I can get my hands on it.

“Was I wrong?
Didn’t have you for myself
Even if you’re still abroad
We will fuck with consequence

‘Cause our lives will still be ours
I wanna carry you and
Take your fallout and
See when I follow through
Yea, hold me harder and

I’m living away from our love
I’m living away from our love

To belong
To the wind won’t take us from
The fire we hold inside
Won’t you rest your tired eyes
‘Cause a lifetime will be hard

And when I stare at you
I feel my arms open

The tide is pulling through
To take our walls down and

I’m living away from our love
I’m living away from our love
I’m living away from our love
I’m living away from our love…
The current’s strong
There’s a void where we both sleep
I’ll take you out of there
I’ll take you anywhere for good

It won’t be long
We will find a place by the beach
And days will cascade
Then days will start again for good

I turn my back on the rope tied to my ceiling
To reason I won’t go there anymore
So I thought for once that death might bring me healing.
The Atlantic washed over in Cape Town, in London.

‘Til we wash away your sins, and the lives that we once lived.

The Dangerous Summer, Golden Record