This, along with most songs Andy Hull has ever written, is one of those albums I used to gorge myself on. So I don’t listen to it that much anymore, save certain tracks that are iPod staples. But this one came up on Pandora today and I just appreciated it in a brand new way.

“Don’t let them see you cry
When the dam breaks down and the city is covered in water
Cause I believe we fly
When the moon takes shape and I doze off, on your shoulders

I trust that you see it too

So breathe while you’re alive
Let the big band play as you tap leather with your fingers
And I tried to write in style
But the words just come and I write them as soon as I see them

And I trust that you write them too
And I trust that you love me too

~Don’t Let Them See You Cry 
Manchester Orchestra, I’m Like a Virgin Losing A Child