I liked this song even more when Wikipedia told me it was inspired by the John Updike novels. Lots of longing, not too much distraction, simple counterpoint and simple ascension. Regret, but not defeat.

I first heard this while watching performances from the dance company I used to be in at this year’s semi-finals at Youth American Grand Prix, the biggest youth ballet competition in the country. I was far from ever good enough for YAGP and so I was very proud (and admittedly a little jealous) of the girls performing on stage, some of whom I’ve known since they were very young. But mostly I was inspired. Dancers get to show how they feel, every day, existing in the most beautiful way possible. They tell stories, using only themselves, no intermediary. I am glad I did that in my life for a time. It taught me a lot, and while I don’t find myself dancing on stage these days, I still chase the feeling, I still crave creative expression, I still run…and I don’t know what I’ll ever find but I think I’m getting closer and in the meantime, I’m always learning, always failing and improving and trying to outpace the memories…

“Every sentiment hangs around
No longer than a minute or two
I find I keep falling for love,
But I can’t seem to follow it through.

So run, little rabbit, run…

Run, little rabbit, run…
I leave one good hand on the wheel,
Been counting mile markers for days.
Everything falls further behind,
I can disappear in several ways.

So run, little rabbit, run…

Run, little rabbit, run…

Sleep through the morning,
Don’t wake me up.

Sleep through the morning,
One little man to one mighty sun

Try to break away from yourself,
Throw your broken bones in a heap,
All the blood and guts are exposed,
Your spirit has been begging to leave…

So run, little rabbit, run…
Run, little rabbit, run.”

Matt Duke, Kingdom Underground