Today enjoying the latest track from Man Overboard, whose next full-length comes out on my birthday. Definitely a band I’d love to see live – it’s been a while since I’ve been to a good pop punk show, and as much as I enjoy watching audience and band members flip out at metal shows, it’s a different scene, and I wonder if this genre’s shows today is what it was a few years ago. Or is it like those indie concerts where people stand still? I don’t get those (though I enjoy listening).

Really like the group vocals in the chorus, and the keys. Feel like it’s a good blend of ’03-’06 Something Corporate/Taking Back Sunday, something heartfelt and vulnerable. The last Man Overboard record was a fun one, full of much faster takes than this, very quick and traditionally structured songs, that make for good daytime, car-time listening. I can pick the parts apart pretty easily, so I’m enjoying delving into their discography. What’s more, I’m looking forward to them “keeping the scene alive” as I continue to indulge in music that keeps me from forgetting where I came from.

“I saw you leaning on the hood of my car 
We’re not leaving here 
We’re not leaving here 
I need to be with you alone in my arms 
I am dying here
When you’re not home”
~Wide Awake
Man Overboard, Heart Attack