Apex Theory just had it going-the-fuck-on, such grooves, such a unique sound, but a face-melting breakdown ability and an incredible way of building up to it, like they’re twisting time signatures into knots and literally bending the seconds into longer and shorter versions to fit their notes. It is seriously amazing what they do, I have not heard much if anything really like them before. Look at this EP, look at how it starts so slow and dreamy – 23 minutes of wave after wave of sound later it ends on a howl.

You don’t make songs this strange and complex and beautiful by not trying at all, it doesn’t just happen by sitting around saying “Hey, I feel like writing a song, think I’m gonna go write a song.” You get there by knowing what you want, by working at it, by not caring how batshit it might sound to people who expect you to do something else or think you’d make more money doing something else.

Apex Theory, who became Mt.Helium, never took off too far, and the last LP was 2008, practically an epoch ago. Did no one get them? Did people not understand what they were doing? The fans they did have were obsessed, and still are, according to YouTube comments.

I love this EP. Not just because it’s badass, but because it reminds me of different times, when day in and day out I felt emboldened by rebelliousness and a had a knack for the contrary. When I just felt like I owed the world nothing but to be me, answered to no one and gave zero fucks what anyone would say. What would she think of me and all these “accomplishments?” (their words, not mine).

Every now and then, it’s good to remember where you came from. Working hard is working hard, and there’s all kinds of benefits there. But I think nothing could be more rewarding than knowing you never sacrificed who you were. Every now and then it’s good to remember what got you where you are. I’m not giving up yet.

“time to wrap your head around it/to grow, to grow/time to wrap your head around it/to grow, to grow out” ~Burglar Soup, Apex Theory, Inthatskyissomethingwatching