Got about three hours of sleep last night. Not because I was out particularly late, but I stayed up far longer than I should’ve waiting for a phone call that never came.

Got an early deadline for a project I’ve been working on for awhile (version 4, ack!),  and pretty sure I’m just going to keep my phone off until it’s done. Plus I’ve got electricians hammering away to get my lights back on and running my laptop off an extension cord. At least I get to sit here and listen to the Nashville soundtrack through headphones, and there’s no one around to judge me for it.

Whoever is writing these songs for Nashville would be a hell of a partner. Some, like the ones written for the “Juliette” and “Rayna” characters are intentionally campy, almost in a musical theater way, but “Scarlett” and “Gunnar” have some gorgeous songs….a lot of heart behind them. This song, “Change Your Mind,” is sad and hurt and almost a little vengeful all at once, I think it’s got the right balance of a rhyming structure and some really powerful lines. Also Clare Bowen has the voice of an angel, absolutely love her phrasing, she does this breathy pursed thing sometimes (maybe because she’s Australian?) but she can hit a lot of mid-range notes without

“In the early morning haze, when my kiss is all you crave, let it go 
Cause I don’t want  to do that dance, the push and pull, the second chance 
I already know, yeah I know 
You’ll just me promise me forever 
And then you’ll take it back, just like that, say you can’t live without me..

Then you’ll change your mind
So baby, don’t comeback this time 
Don’t want to have to say goodbye 
All over again…

So if you think there’s still a chance to make right, 
Change your mind 
Change your mind, 
Change your mind.” 
~Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio, “Change Your Mind”
OTS Nashville