Tired with a side of distracted calls for mildly spacey melodic post-rock. Such a beautiful song, really enjoy Moving Mountains overall and this is a great song to unwind to. Hear they are fantastic live. All these layers, better be. 

This EP, “Foreward,” has been really great to listen to at night as a pre-bedtime, settling in ritual – it has some heavier moments but I find I like that at night. Something to focus on, something to channel the leftover energies of the day. I have this awful habit of getting into bed when I am not ready to go to sleep, stillness is an enemy that I chase until it wins, and I get distracted by screens and books and paper and pens and the cat and nails (hers and mine) – in turn, bed ends up getting associated with a lot of things beds shouldn’t be for, stillness always arrives at the expense of all my will, and my head is totally fine with being awake to unreasonable hours. 
So tonight, maybe this’ll help clear out the distraction. 

“I will always wait for you,
Through everything you’ve been through.
When you can’t feel the air,
You can’t feel it.
My dear you’re so worn down.
I can hear it in your voice.

I can see it in your veins.
I can see, I can see, I can see, I can see.
I can see it, I can feel it, no more.”

~Tired Tiger

Moving  Mountains, Waves