So I’m listening to the indie-loving college radio stadium tonight, happily driving home in softly falling snow after a fun Super Bowl closing out a hella-great weekend. What comes on but The Last Royals! Recognized them instantly without recognizing the tune, which is one of the joys of terrestrial radio listening.

“So come take my hand,
Maybe you’ll understand,
The faster we run,
The softer we land.

But we won’t change a thing,
Gonna earn what we bring,
You’ll be my queen,
And I’ll be your king.” 

~Come Take My Hands
The Last Royals, The Last Royals

They put on a hell of a show – saw them open for Lovedrug last spring. Was definitely won over, frontman is a hell of a performer, really good vocal instincts and showmanship. Very easy to compare them to The Strokes during the show, but their first LP came out a couple weeks ago and I’m looking forward to giving it a full listen. As far as indie pop goes (especially the Brooklyn-based variety) these guys seem pretty hardworking and focused on traditional tenants of pop rock song styling.

Think this might have to be the song I play on repeat while getting ready in the morning this week (there’s usually one or two in rotation for this purpose). Such a sweet song. Light and loose, good balance of melody and solid pop beat. Forward-looking and carefree about dealing with cares, hook-tastic. I love songs about beating the odds.

Discovering so much new music lately, and feeling like it’s the perfect time to do just that. I’ve been a little all over the map lately (literally, figuratively) and it’s had me feeling kind of disembodied. But that can be a great opportunity to refocus. Here, listening to this song with my cat on my chest and remembering a great show, it’s hard not to think about how though what lies ahead may be absolutely daunting and terrifying it could be equally fun, fulfilling, freeing and exhilarating.