So I’d seen many mentions of the Newsweek cover, and images of it. Thought it could be nice to have, interesting to read. I bought it a couple days after Christmas, at the nice Barnes and Noble in Pittsford, it was in the front and not in the magazine section. When I picked it up, first thing I read:

“Visually they are a nightmare … Musically they are a near-disaster … Their lyrics (punctuated by nutty shouts of ‘yeah, yeah, yeah!’) are a catastrophe.”
-“George, Paul, Ringo, and John,” Feb. 24 1964

Historical. Would love to read that whole story.

Bought new speakers today. Same as the old ones, only they were half the cost of what they were when I bought them in what must’ve been ’09. Many wires, might have to save up for wireless ones. But until that happens, man, I forgot how fucking terrible laptop speakers are, I’d gotten so used to them. Sounds! LOW END! Sweetsweetsweet.