Good mornings have good coffee and good songs, the kinds with harmonies and odd layers of instruments and musings on humanity. I am well-rested for the first time in what feels like days, I can listen better and focus on little moments.This album has so many.

I think it’d be a wonderful thing to write songs this sad and thoughtful, I do not think that everyone who thinks they can pull it off can, but you know it instantly when you’ve heard someone who can get it right.

“It’s not hard to live like a ghost
I just haunt all that I’ve wanted
And leave what I don’t
I dreamt a trail up to the sky
And my brothers built propellers
Just to see how far they’d fly

So hold, high how faint your reasons
Or you’ll never get on

Your flashing sparrows chasing with them
Or you’ll never get on
Don’t you forget you come from nothing
Or you’ll never get on
That wind is calling my name
I won’t wait, or I’ll never get on”

~Half Moon 
Blind Pilot, We Are The Tide