Probably the best use of garden-variety keyboard beats I’ve seen ever maybe.

Also, shaker egg! Really fantastic harmonies. Easy to love, sort of makes you want to dance. But beneath all the twirling auxiliary, and those wonderful mandolin strings, there’s a really lovely song, an assertive, berated yet dignified love letter. Something very 19th century about it that is refreshing, charming.

It’s a well-crafted structure, in the sense it’s very even and that’s not something everyone can do, as it can be tough to find the right words that are also the right number of syllables and rhyme enough. Sure I love something asymmetrical, that’s certainly interesting, but something this steady is simple, and simple works more often than not.

Some friends of mine played with these guys back home last night. Interesting in checking out their album…would’ve been so cool to see that show! Alas.

“When I was a boy of nine
I loved you with all my mind,
all my heart, all my soul,
Love me now or lose it all.

Your sister Jean and Anne Marie
say that you’re in love with me.
Is there something I can’t see?
Love me now or leave me be.

Down by the river on past the creek,
all me way to Widow’s Peak,
proclaimed my love but you didn’t speak,
love me now or hold your peace.

The baker and the butcher’s wife
say you lead a lonely life,

need a man to stand beside,
love me now or stand aside.

Darling, it’s so plainly true,
even I get lonely too.
When my heart is set on you,
love me now or leave me.”

~Boy of Nine
Buxton, Nothing Here Seems Strange