“There are twelve hours, there’s a day between us
You called to say you’re sorry in your own way
There are oceans and waves and wires between us
And you called to say you’re getting older

Sometimes, planes, they smash up in the sky
Sometimes, lonely hearts, they just get lonelier”

~Wires and Waves 
Rilo Kiley, Take Offs and Landings

Old peppy Rilo Kiley to remind me retrospective isn’t always a bad thing.

Such a good album. Definitely appreciate it more now than I did in high school and whatnot…the contrast between hopeful and cynical is a lot more obvious to me. The attitude is sly, confident in its despondency. But the layered West Coast guitars, Tijuana-prime brass sections and occasional raspy-surfer rock lead vocals from Blake Sennett are upbeat enough choices to distract  from what’s often some pretty hopeless scene setting. Jenny Lewis is still playing with cutesy girlish punctuation — this is the band’s full-length debut after all — but it works, makes it fun, and the songs are perfect for indistinguishable Sundays full of to-do lists that never see strikethroughs and weary feelings.

The Takeaway: No point in resenting desperation’s battle. No point in trying to map the future, when life/your own impromptu choices can bust it all up at any second. 

“And why do you do it and make it seem delicate?
When it’s all the stupid things, so damn confusing to me
Like talking it through, controlling my temper
Like letting it go, saying, ‘Please, forgive me
For laughing at your jokes'”

~Plane Crash in C 
Rilo Kiley, Take Offs and Landings