If Jimmy Eat World can capture one feeling with unmatched purity, it’s the pang of lingering affection. Also, they have a tendency to fill an album closer with all the best things: heart, tension, poignant lead guitar, and the delicacy of the final fingers brushing away from the last and grasp. “Dizzy” measures up on both counts.

Sidenote: Audio is surprisingly awesome for what looks like a cell phone vid. Thank you, Internet.

“All talk and not a lot to think, we were living dreams

And shame never crept close to our naked feet
If there’s something left to lose,
Then don’t let me wear out my shoes
I’m still walking.

I tried, but it rang and rang, I called all night
On a payphone, remember those from another life?
If everything I meant to you,
You can lick and seal then fold in two
Then I’ve been so blind.

Respectfully, so honestly I’m calling out
Do you hear the conversation we talk about?
Back away to the safety of a quiet house
If there’s half a chance in this moment
When your eyes meet mine, we show it off.

Jimmy Eat World, Chase This Light