I remember driving into work last summer, listening to this song and thinking “Why the hell I am I still here?”

That was three jobs and hundreds of miles ago. I may have found a way to change my circumstances, but oh how I miss my friends.

I’ve talked to some on the phone, some I haven’t. These are people I’ve known for more than half my life.

I would just like to tell them I’m doing OK and I miss them. Oh well. Time to go to work.

I’ve spent twenty-two years just wading through bullshit
And hey, it’s worked so far,
I don’t know why I’m here,
But I know who my friends are

So everyone moved in with their girlfriends,
In one-bedroom apartments,
In the town that we grew up in and,
All my friends are in bar bands,

I don’t know how it happened,
I hope it pays the rent,
And still there’s some days
when I don’t think that we’ll ever see Dave again

‘I’m not sad anymore,
I’m just tired of this place,
And if this year would just end,
I think we’d all be OK'”

~All My Friends Are In Bar Bands
The Wonder Years, The Upsides