This Saturday morning consists of blowing off adult responsibilities like laundry and cleaning and paying utility bills in favor of browsing YouTube, drinking a ton of coffee from a brand-new mug and pulling up the shades to the watch the world go by.

I came across this band, Japandroids, one night at a dive-y little bar in my hometown this past winter. After looking up one song I got into their record, “Post-Nothing.”

If you’ve ever felt a hint of desperation, they sum it up pretty nicely,spilling out songs with gripping sentiment on the reality of changing realities sung over crazy-fast rhythms and  that fool you into thinking there’s something happier to be said about all this growing up. Shouted vocals are a trademark touch, more demanding than screaming. They rock pretty hard, and to think it’s a duo promises a pretty unbelievable live performance.

“Well you can keep tomorrow
after tonight we’re not gonna need it
Be there, be there, be down, be down
Background, we’re too drunk to feel it

We used to dream
Now we worry about dying
~Young Hearts Spark Fire 
Japandroids, Post-Nothing
Also, new album comes out in three days or so, and I’m pretty excited to hear it. Single is pretty rad, with a little more melody and what sounds to be like a better sound mix. Lyrically it definitely fits with the devil-may-care attitude that drew me in in the first place, with a little more hook and melody. Guitar solo about 2 1/2 minutes in is a great intro to a stripped down verse with the most heart-hitting lyrics of the song: “It’s a lifeless life/with no fixed address to give/but your not mine to die for anymore/so i must live”

“When they love you, and they will

Tell em all they’ll love in my shadow
And if they try to slow you down
Tell em all to go to hell”
~The House That Heaven Built
Japandroids, Celebration Rock

Sort of sad when I think of it as a quarter of my weekend already being gone, when I know the upcoming week is going to take everything I thought I knew about doing my job on its head. A few hours to feel like myself, to think and dream whatever I so choose, before the responsibility kicks back in.

Come to think of it, sort of sad when I think of it as a quarter of my life being done, when I know the upcoming years are going to take everything I thought I knew about myself and push it to the limits. At least I’ll be able to say I was fighting.