“Got this sin in her brain
But she ain’t gonna see me again
See me again, this I know
But oh, deep down I can’t let go

Oh, don’t let it be over, over oh
Oh, don’t let it be over, let it be over, over”

~Mind Eraser
The Black Keys, El Camino

Probably my second-favorite track off El Camino after “Gold on the Ceiling.” Came on shuffle when I was driving home from a 10-hour day at the office, feeling spent and confused. The drive was taking the edge off, though.

Windows down. Shades on. Smattering of clouds on a icy blue sky, stop and go traffic in the city.

Well, yes, you should remember you met me. 

It’s been a long, cold minute since I was excited by meeting someone else. Of late, my affections have drifted towards the comfortable – in some cases that’s brilliant, in others complete idiotic. Something about the summer, and The Black Keys, makes me think of fun, flirtation and those too-long glances that are too hard to come by.

Last summer will be tough to to beat.

But after all, have I anything to lose?