“Trying to calculate, rearrange in my head for a little bit.
Well, I’m not the best at saying anything and so now,
Well so what, I can make it fit.
I’m gonna need a bigger bag of attention baby, yeah.

They said ‘we’ll make you right into a star, into a star.’

They said ‘we’ll make you right into a star ’cause it’s what you are.’
I’m like a timebomb rushing around, rushing around, 
I’m like a timebomb rushing around
They said ‘we’ll make you right into a star cause that’s what you are.'”
States, Room to Run

This was a great week to listen to States. Weather was good, I woke up pumped to go to work, then pumped to go home at the end of multiple ten-hour days. I wanted to hear Mindy White’s sassy, beautiful voice in my head as I told myself  “You got this, chill out.” The more I listen to this album, the more I fall for her lyrical style, full of comebacks and calling out commentary without loosing the kind of vulnerable realness indie rock has come to know and embrace and love. So it’s fitting with the scene, I suppose, but wrapped up in its whole own sound, and I’m totally sold on it.
This song, “Timebomb,” the opening track on their completely kickass and delightful “Room to Run,” is particularly great at getting stuck in my head. What a chorus to run through your head all day, it takes ahold of a great metaphor and gives great momentum with zany synth sounds and those real playful guitar licks in the chorus. What I especially love about this song is it exudes confidence with a fierce actualization without being totally devoid of perspective, there’s a birds-eye view going on here that’s ever-so-important to remember…

Albumwise, “Room to Run” is loaded with those little rock moments, and lots of killer hooks….when I heard the singles I wasn’t sure it was going to hold up to “Line Em Up” because it seemed like a departure and I loved that so much, but now that I’ve purchased the album and given it loads of listens it’s been in heavy rotation. Mindy White is truly an amazing singer, full of jazzy influences but a great punk-inspired belt….I belt she’s killer live. Lyrically, she’s straight and to the point, reflective and great with rhymes and wordplay inside a phrase…basically, I want to pick her brain and probably her closet.

“Room to Run” definitely tells a story, and the best albums always should.