I start an adventure today.

I’m almost jealous of myself.

The saying goodbye is by far the hardest part. Because saying goodbye to people you love is the only way you get to love something new. A heart can give only so much, so, we change and shift and settle somewhere new. The only way to do that is to make room.

We never forget. But it’s never quite the same.

I loved this album real hard when I first discovered it. Must’ve been 2003/2004, sometime during my sophomore year of high school. I remember listening to it in the summertime, surrounded by friends and mischief. That might have been the last year I was innocent. At least, it was before I learned the true fatefulness of mortality, what happens when we live and love and die. I still love this album, I still find solace and hope in it, years later.

They’ve been busy years, full of everything, but I won’t forget this song. Funny the things that stick with you. I think about the places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen, the people I love…and they all mean so much to me, some more than others, some in different ways. Some, they make you wonder if there’s anything or anywhere or anyone else on the planet who will be able to cut through your reflection enough to make you really think about what’s important, that pebble through a softly rippling stream that sets off a physically impossible to fight chain reaction.

Those people are tough to find. They don’t come around too often. But the adventure beckons, and life won’t wait around for you.

“and thats the way its been,
ever since we were kids but now,
now weve got something to prove
and i, i can see there eyes
but tell me something, can they see mine
cause whats left to lose,
ive done enough
and if i fail well then i fail but i gave it a shot
and these last three years, i know they’ve been hard
but now its time to get out of the desert and into the sun e
ven if its alone

i was on your porch last night,
the smoke it sank into my skin”

~On Your Porch,
The Format, Interventions and Lullabies