“I’m just a dreamer/but I’m hanging on/though I am nothing big to offer”

Sometimes the blues just a passing bird
And why can’t that always be?

Tossing aside from your bichers crown
Just enough dark to see
How you’re the light over me”

~The Dreamer
The Tallest Man on Earth, Sometimes the Blues Just a Passing Bird

First of all, I just know the guy’s name is Kristian Matsson and he is Swedish, so this isn’t a well-researched post. I can say The Tallest Man on Earth makes me very happy and less lonely when I am very pensive, and alone.

I can also tell you I got out of bed this morning just so I could listen to this song. Sometimes the blues is just a passing bird, and why can’t that always be? Sounds like fucking Robert Frost or something.

I get a half Dylan, half Jeff Buckley vibe, portrait-painting and revealing. The guitar tones in this song make me unbelievably happy, though he picks from a variety of instruments on recordings and in live performances (according to YouTube). A lot of the parts aren’t terrifically complicated, though he has a fantastic melodic ear and unbelievable songwriting. You don’t need virtuoso playing with those ingredients in a song like this one though. You just let it speak for itself.

It is a simple song, from a simple point of view. Those of you who say the world has too many singer-songwriters, that it’s too hard to keep them all straight, (I know you’re out there) shut your mouths! Let them write, let them sing, and let me sit here and press replay.

This too: