So, Lovedrug released “Wild Blood” last week. There’s little chance I will do this album justice, should I attempt to write a review. Maybe because I already love it so much, because it’s warm outside and “Wild Blood” sounds so damn good blasted loud with the windows down and true connections with records can be so hard to find.

I love this album, and I love this band. With an ambitious sound and a live show to die for, Lovedrug has long stood out among indie bands as a group with true mastery of their craft. The type of band you could call on to write any type of song, and they’d give it to you – a theory proven in a cover album released this past winter in the run-up to the full-length release.

“Wild Blood” has just enough of a point to prove, just enough swagger propelling the sentiment.

“we’ll fight the hipster hell/we’ll soak it all in gasoline/got matches/we are a fire/we’re cryin’ out/honestly/this wild blood will set us all free/we’re crying out/do you follow me/this wild blood/will set us all free” ~Wild Blood

Unafraid of tradition in an age where indie music too often relies on ones-and-zeroes, “Wild Blood” counters with a full-fledged offensive of chromatic and delayed guitar parts, heavy hooks and locked-down rhythms, singing the songs in the hearts of the tired and worn and willing to fight. It’s a rallying cry for the wrecked looking for more. Though they may waltz down the road of nostalgia at times, a fervent desperation to get out, get up and get on makes for a fearless onward trek of life and love.

“sure shot/you were always my sure shot/kicking up dirt in the wrong bars/hey good lookin’/you are bad news following bad news/drunk and beautiful born to lose/and if you’re wanting the truth honey/i’m falling harder and harder for you” -Pink Champagne

Words full of passion and fire glint like steel held in defense against the shadows of aging. Lovedrug doesn’t shy from embracing the darker side, letting it creep into low-end driving, occasional piano chords and hazy synth tones.

Slower moments unveil heartfelt sentiment, the type of honesty often cast aside in favor of mysterious, unearned gravitas and armchair pontificating in today’s lyrical catalog.

“you crawl in the fire when you’re feeling down/when you feel it hurting/these ghosts have been a chasing you so/if you could violently swim to the opposite shoes/i’d be there reaching out so/i’ll be your drug if you need it, i’ll be the one that’ll chase you so hard/i’ll be the one your drug if you need it so” ~Anodyne

The album hits a steady groove with the yearning, pace-jumping “Ladders” followed by “Great Divide,” with an undeniably stadium-sized bridge. Here, on this album, we have a Lovedrug that embraces the hook like never before and it is Satisfying, although they were already pretty good at it before.

“nothing good comes easy/nothing good is free” ~Great Divide

Well-toned, well-polished and luminescent, “Wild Blood” shines under what is easily the best production from Lovedrug (which is incredibly fascinating and wonderful, to me, given “Wild Blood” was funded by fans through PledgeMusic when previous releases were label-supported). Backing vocals are sprinkled carefully, with a hint of choir harmony, and barely-there auxiliary tones fill the space between.

Well, at least I can say I tried. In any case, they’re on and long, windy tour and they’re coming to Rochester. April 11 can’t come fast enough.