There is new Lovedrug, and it is beautiful. It is real, and sad and hopeful, and made for live performance.

It is Wild Blood.

Here’s a softer cut:

Words that come to mind: Realized. Focused. Satisfying. Heartfelt. Heartbreaking. Joining. Sentimental. Nostalgic.

This is the album for wondering if where you’ve been will follow where you go.

I have much to say about this record – the songs themselves, and the band’s approach – but I am getting picked up for drinks. Meanwhile, the title track chorus will be running through my head.

Meanwhile, I will be running ’round the world.

April 11 will be a show in Rochester, at the Bug Jar, which is small and grungy and dirty and freeing. I hope I will be here to see it. I hope I leave shortly after, resolving to run, propelled by momentum of knowing there’s much more in this world than me and these corners.