A few things about this NME list about the 50 best choruses:

*Oh my god, oh my god, could you BE any more British?
*Adele should not be on this list. That chorus (“Someone Like you”) isn’t that good.
*”Enter Sandman?” I’ll take it.
*”Sex on Fire” chorus is not > than “Use Somebody” chorus melody-wise, it just has sex in the lyrics.
*”Pride(In the Name of Love)” could totally be higher.
*I understand lists need to take into account new things, in an attempt to shape what will still be cool or insert your knowledge & relevancy but really…Lana Del Rey at 11? That song isn’t *that* good. I mean, maybe it’s only because I’ve heard it once, when she sang (horribly) on SNL, but I’ve seen way more talent out of hick bar open mic nights. Even from people who weren’t my friends.

But, beyond those gut reactions, I have to say I love the concept driving this list. Who doesn’t love a great chorus? Sub-par verses (too wordy, too spoken or too bland) can easily be redeemed by a great chorus – in fact, some songs are only *worth* listening to because of the chorus – for example, Toto, earning a well-deserved #32 on this list. We all know that chorus – it’s soo nice – but sing a verse? Could’t if you gave me tequilia.

Also, a really solid built-up, with plenty of tension and bite, can be perfectly topped off with a line or two performed with enough power. For example, one of my favorites off the list(at 33):

“You can go your own way, go your own way
You can call it another lonely day
You can go your own way,
go your own way”
~Go Your Own Way
Fleetwood Mac, Rumours

Not too over-the-top, but it gets the point across. Doesn’t it? The throw-away line at the end is trademark Lindsey Buckingham bitterness. I love.

Beyond those impressions, I have to say I love lists. Journalists do, you see, they are easy to compile, and readers love them because why read 25 two-sentence paragraphs instead of 50 kitschy one-liners?

Also, I will be tracking this playlist down on Spotify when I’m working tomorrow afternoon, and in need of a midday inspiration burst.

(My tags indicate I haven’t mentioned Spotify on this blog yet, which is a bit of a shame because it makes at-home listening oh-so fun. All my songs, and all the other ones, too? It’s pretty fantastic, and I’m really happy I joined. Should 2012 see me make more money, I’ll maybe even subscribe.
Naw. I won’t, actually.)